Tourists who want to spend their holiday exploring the Portuguese countryside are sure to have an amazing time. The country has an amazing landscape that is steeped in culture, history and nature at its finest. As a country, Portugal is over 900 years old, and while you will find that it has a modern side to it, the charm of the countryside has been preserved over the years.

What Does the Countryside Offer?

The countryside offers a lot of possibilities that tourists can make the most of. If you are looking to spend the entire holiday exploring the countryside, you may want to get in touch with a local tour guide or travel agent who can take you beyond the usual ‘beach house’ holiday experiences.
While there are lots of B&Bs, hotels and hostels that you can stay at when visiting the countryside of Portugal, not all of them are open all year round. Try and get in touch with the owners beforehand to find out the schedules and plan accordingly.

Some of the Most Beautiful Cities of the Portuguese Countryside

Viana do Castelo, Miranda do Douro and Lamego are some of the most beautiful cities of Portugal. If you are looking to explore the countryside, make sure you include these in your itinerary.
Viana do Castelo: Popularly known as the Mecca of Architecture, Viana do Castelo is a very beautiful and scenic city. It is famous for its monuments and surrounding natural beauty. The city has a beach, beautiful museums, cathedrals and old family houses that are an architectural marvel.
Miranda do Douro: If you are looking to make the most of all that the Portuguese countryside has to offer, you must visit this beautiful walled city that shares a border with Spain. The city is famous for its rich culture, beautiful architecture and natural beauty.
Lamego: One of Portugal’s most ancient cities, Lamego is also home to one of the country’s most prominent cathedrals. The city is famous for its various monuments as well as scenic beauty.
The Portuguese countryside offers tourists an amazing experience. Marked by remarkable monuments and breathtaking scenic beauty, the countryside of Portugal is best explored when walking or on a bicycle.

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