Cheap accommodation is available for budget travelersIf you are on the lookout for cheap alternatives to hotels then you don’t have to look far. There are plenty of other options out there allowing you to keep within your low travel budgets. It just takes a little bit of planning and shopping around to find what’s right for you.


Good alternatives to hotels are hostels. Your accommodation there could consist of a bed in a shared dorm (single sex or mixed), or private single, double or family rooms with either a shared bathroom or an en suite. Hostels are much cheaper than hotels and often provides self-catering facilities meaning that you can shop at local markets and supermarkets saving you pounds off expensive restaurant meals. You can find cheap hostel deals online on various hostel or accommodation websites. All you have to do is specify your travel dates, location and type of room and the rest is easy. You usually have to reserve your room by providing your credit or debit card details which won’t actually be charged until you arrive at the hostel. Some sites even have free cancellation policies which are great if you need some flexibility in your travel plans. Because hostels tend to cater for individual travelers who don’t have the luxury of the ready-provided transport most travel companies set up for hotel users, they are usually based in central locations or near tourist attractions and public transport routes which make getting around easy. Another benefit of hotels is that you will meet plenty of other travelers either alone or in groups, which makes it easy for you to get information and tips about how to make the most out of your stay in the area.


Private accommodation alternatives

If hostels aren’t for you however, there are a whole host of other options out there for you to act as alternatives to hotels when travelling. Couch surfing is a concept that allows you to be welcomed into someone else’s home to sleep, in return for a culture experience and friendship. This is a free experience and can be extremely positive. You will get to see the local culture first hand and even be shown around the area by your host. Another option is to find a host family for a home stay. Although not free of charge, this is often a popular option for students travelling to countries where a foreign language is spoken, as it allows them to be immersed into the language and to improve quickly. It can also work out as cheaper than a hostel equivalent.

So whichever alternatives to hotels you choose, remember that you will save pounds by planning in advance and making good use of the Internet. Travelling can be an expensive business if you’re not careful so budgeting well is vital to ensure you can afford your stay away.

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