Lisbon is one of Portugal's tourist hotspotsLisbon, the capital of Portugal, offers a combination of ancient and modern sights for you to explore and enjoy. So, once you’ve found your accommodation in Lisbon and unpacked your bags; get out there and explore what this magical city has to offer.

Jeronimos Monastery

A World Heritage site, the monastery dates back to the 16th century and is an architectural masterpiece in the style of King Manuel, with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque influences. The monastery was built as an expression of gratitude for a successful Indian voyage. It has a riverside setting beside the Tagus.

Belem Tower

Also a World Heritage site, it stands on the banks of the Tagus as a 16th century souvenir of the Age of Discovery. It was originally built as a watchtower in the middle of the river. Today it’s a museum, but one of its functions was to have political prisoners in the water dungeon.

Castelo da Sao Jorge

Lisbon is crowned by St George’s Castle. Parts of the castle date back to the 6th century when the Romans fortified it. Later the Visigoths and the Moors worked on it. When you walk along the ramparts and go up the towers you have wonderful views of Lisbon.

Lisbon beaches

Take a short car journey to nearby beaches for peaceful relaxation on Adraga Beach, or perhaps you are more activity inclined and would enjoy surfing or windsurfing at Guincho Beach. At Cascais Marina you can watch the yachts or take a fishing or sailing trip.

Lisbon’s music

It’s festival season in Lisbon in June. You will not be able to resist the traditional Portuguese Fado music. There are a number of popular Fado events during the annual festival.

In summer, especially June and July, Sao Carlos Square is an open-air theatre for the Festival in the Square, during which you will be entertained and delighted by actors, dancers, musicians and singers.

Picture: WernerHilpert – Fotolia

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