Portugal has a wine region that is famous around the worldPortugal is one of the most popular wine regions in Europe. Tourists always make it a point to book a wine tour to explore the region that gives the world its most popular dessert wine – the Port wine. Portugal is steeped in tradition and this makes it one of the most loved and visited wine regions of the world.

Wines of Portugal

Currently, the country has 2 important wine producing regions – the Douro Valley Wine Region and the Pico Island Wine Region. UNESCO protects both these regions as World Heritage.Portugal has over 500 native breeds of grapes that are used in the production of a wide variety of wines, each with a distinct flavor and personality. When it comes to grape varieties, Portugal has some of the most indigenous ones in the world. The quality and uniqueness of the wines produced by the region has made it one of the biggest players in wine production across the world. If you want to find out more about Portugal and its wines, you can always choose to take a guided wine tour organized by one of the many local agencies or agents.

Wine Regions

The Douro Valley region is popular for producing some of the finest and most intense wines in the world, including Port and Douro Reds. The Dao and Bairrada regions are responsible for the production of very flavorful red table wines. These vary between extreme fruitiness to a distinct hardness depending upon the producer of the wines.

The Alentejo wine producing region is relatively newer. Tourists who want to know more about how newer players are making a name for themselves in the highly competitive market can always take a wine tour of this region. The wines produced by Alentejo are very rich and tasteful. Here, wines are produced using the latest technology and methods.

When planning a Portugal holiday, you must include a wine tour. Various guides and travel agencies offer these tours. You can choose one that is most convenient and suitable for you.

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